Friday, 28 March 2008

K1 Class

Have been pretty hopeless keeping up the blogging - requires a bit more discipline I think!

I've completed the short beginners course at K1 Yarn Boutique taught by local knitter, designer (and model!) Ysolda Teague. It was a great little class to get started - we made a beret (as modelled here by Ysolda herself!) which was relatively simple although I managed a few mistakes, probably down to keeping half an eye on Ashes to Ashes whilst knitting. Ysolda's a talented gal selling beautiful knitting patterns on her website as well as being a knowledgeable (and tolerant!) teacher. She's also holding a knitting clinic on Monday lunchtimes at K1 where you can test her with all your knitting problems. I hope they do some more beginners classes on a Sunday. It's nice to have a specific project to work on and K1 provide a good 'chillaxing' environment!

It was also a good opportunity to use my new Cath Kidston knitting needles which were surprisingly smooth and easy to work with. No style over substance here!

As I'm on a Cath K tip, this week I am mostly coveting this Cath Kidston bowling bag.

A little bit kitsch, but unmistakeably Kidston. It's great having a store in Edinburgh now, but too many temptations.

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ysolda said...

You're very sweet, thank you :) I'm doing a lace scarf / shawl class in a couple of weeks - it would be a great way to learn some new techniques. Details are on the K1 site if you're interested.